Homo Decorans when we invite for Party and Decorate The House

H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S


T h e  D e c o r a t i n g  H u m a n


H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S

H O M O  D E C O R A N S


 The Decorating Human

is everywhere in our life.

We decorate our houses and garden

 to feel the comfort of being at home


Paintings & Colors is in our life to obtain who we are


H O M O  D E C O R A N S

 J A N E  V O N  R A T H S A C H

The Living Ornament

Handpainted Wallpaper is an exclusive palette for the very few.

I have worked for many years with Interior Design & Culture

connected to this old tradition with my own Designer Stencils.

Copenhagen University studies in Art and Religion has given me a competent background to work in this colorful field.

The history of Ornaments brings us to the old antique traditions from ancient Greek mythology and the Roman antique villas from Pompeii

and Villa D´este and the pomp and luxury of Nero ´s Domus Aurea, his Golden House excavated in our time for the public.

I worked with the Danish Artist Poul Gernes during my studies at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen.

In this period I became my own in the sense that my personal style was born by inspiration from my classic studies and travels.

My inspiration is without limits and comes out in the stenciling production I have :

S E V E N  G O T H I C  W A V E S

Here my design portrays my passion for the Classic Art.

A K Z O  N O B E L

at that time the worlds biggest Decorative Paint Co.,invited me to design and produce a Collection of Designer Stencils


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